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Dr. Muneer Muhammad Abdul-Razzak

Bishri A. Abdel-Hamid, Ph. D

- Eng. Mathematics & Physics Department
Faculty of Engineering Mansoura University, Egypt
- Vice president for Dammietta branch, Mansoura university, Al-Mansoura, Egypt


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Bishri A. Abdel-Hamid is a professor of Engineering Mathematics at the faculty of engineering , Mansoura university, Egypt.  He obtained B.Sc. and M.Sc in Mechanical Engineering from Mansoura University and an M.Sc in Applied Mathematics and a Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology, USA.

Dr. Abdel-Hamid  gained his teaching experience through teaching and educating engineering and science students at Mansoura University, Florida Institute of Technology (USA), University of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and many other Higher institutions in Egypt.

He has taught several courses in Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, and Computer Sciences; including Calculus, differential equations, boundary value problems, calculus of variations, vector calculus, vector mechanics, analytical mechanics, engineering mechanics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, computer programming, operating systems, computer networks, etc.

Bishri Abdel-Hamid  served as a Head of the Engineering Mathematics and Physics Dept., Mansoura Faculty of Engineering, Director of Mansoura University Computational Center, Dean of Misr Higher Institute for commerce and Computers. He is the founder and director of the Quality assurance center at Mansoura University. Finally, He was appointed as Mansoura vice president for Dammietta branch.
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CIE Final Exam ( Posted on Jan 2, 2012)

Final Exam 2003 ( Posted on Jan 2, 2012)

Final Exam Delta 2012 ( Posted on Jan 12, 2012)

Final Exam Faculty of Engineering 2012 ( Posted on Jan 20, 2012)


Midterm Exam:

  • Solution of Model A
  • Solution of Model B
  • Solution of Model C
  • Solution of Model D



        نتيجة الميكانيكا- نهاية الفصل - CIE
    CIE Program: Engineering Mechanics I
    Final Exam Grades (Jan 2012)

1. Truss Analysis: Introduction
2. Truss Analysis: Method of Joints
3. Truss Analysis: Method of Sections
4. Frames and Machines
5. Distributed loads
6.  Center of Gavity and Centroid 
7.  Centroid: Composite Surfaces and composite Volumes
8.  Centroid: Surface and Volume of   Rrevolution
9.  Hydrostatic Forces
10 Friction Forces